Gardeners Plant Fragrances of Donated Beauty

Flower donation 6-23-15

Albright LIFE’s Dr. William Keenan picks up flower racks from Mikhala Umstead of Helminiak’s Greenhouse. The Williamsport greenhouse donated racks of flowers to the senior program for one of their participant activities. (Photo courtesy Albright LIFE)

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – Ralph Waldo Emerson stated it best “Earth laughs in flowers.” To the dedicated gardeners who participate at Albright LIFE, they shared there’s nothing like digging dirt and planting and yes laughing!


Of course to plant flowers, you must have plantings or seedlings to do so. The Albright LIFE gardeners were blessed with a generous donation of flower racks from Helminiak’s Greenhouse, Williamsport. Albright LIFE medical director Dr. William Keenan picked up the generous donation of 5 flats of flowers from the family owned and operated greenhouse.

Planting of Flowers 06.01.15 001 S.Chapman & B. Seese

Shirley Chapman (left) and Beverly Seese (right) are concentrating on their gardening techniques. (Photo courtesy Albright LIFE)

The participants were eager to get up to their elbows digging in dirt. The rehabilitation team, together with participants, developed their plan to installation, laying out a plan and devised which flowers the participants like where within the landscaping. Then the digging began.


The flowers were installed around the signage and walkways of the building and it’s entrance.


Located at 901 Memorial Avenue, Williamsport, Albright LIFE (Living Independently for Elders) is Pennsylvania’s version of the nationally recognized PACE program (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly). LIFE’s comprehensive array of services meet the social, medical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs of individuals 55 and older.  This mix of services allows participants to remain healthy and active in the place they call home for as long as possible. In addition, LIFE services are a blessing for both participants and their families and caregivers, who appreciate the support and benefits the program provides.  To learn more about Albright LIFE, call (570) 322-5433 or visit 

Planting of Flowers 06.01.15 002 B. Seese

Albright LIFE Participant Beverly Seese pantomimes the potting size for the next flower to be planted (Photo courtesy Albright LIFE)

Planting of Flowers Baker Haas 06.01.2015 003

Albright LIFE Physical Therapy Director Becky Baker hands LIFE participant Betty Haas, who’s knee deep into her gardening, her next flower for installation. (Photo courtesy Albright LIFE)

Planting of Flowers Haas Chapman Seese 06.01.2015 010

Albright LIFE’s Flower Crew: (from left to right) Betty Haas of Montoursville, Shirley Chapman of Jersey Shore and Beverly Seese of Hughesville. (Photo courtesy Albright LIFE)

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